Monday, 1 April 2013

Is Your Mattress a Pain in the Back?

When we lie down on a traditional mattress, we are forcing our shoulders, back, hips, and knees out of alignment in order to conform to the shape of the bed. There is always tension on the muscles and joints because they cannot fully relax. Memory foam technology is ideal for people with pain of any kind because rather than conforming to the bed, the bed conforms to us.

Memory Foam Benefits
These mattresses use NASA technology to support and cushion your body as you sleep. Your spine is allowed to align naturally, and the elastic foam conforms to your pressure points so there are no AM aches and pains. The big benefit of sleeping on the best memory foam mattress is that it is customised for your needs.

Not all memory foam is created equal so before you buy a memory foam mattress, make sure you are getting the quality you need to alleviate back pain. Look for Visco-Elastic foam with a sturdy base to ensure you have the support you need as well as the comfort. Price is important, but if you choose a high-quality option, you not only enjoy the health benefits, you will not have to replace the mattress in a year or two.

Back pain can limit our ability to do the activities we enjoy. Whether your pain is caused by injury, illness, strain, or your old mattress, memory foam technology can help you find relief both in and out of bed.

What is a Summer Duvet?

Being wrapped in warmth and feeling embraced against the chill of the air is an extremely alluring thought in the middle of a cold winter. It is not so appealing when the mercury rises! At the same time, many people like to have a layer of comfort even during the warmer months. A summer duvet offers the perfect lightweight option.

What is the difference between a summer and winter duvet? Much of it has to do with the tog. Tog is a measurement of an item’s thermal resistance. A lightweight duvet, perfect for spring or summer, is between 3 and 4.5 tog, while a winter version is between 12 and 13.5 tog. As you can see, the higher the tog, the warmer the comforter.

A microfibre duvet with a rating of 3 or 4 tog offers lightweight protection against summer night chills or a robust air-conditioning unit. But the primary reason that people want a duvet at night is for a feeling of comfort. There is something about lying on a bed, unprotected by our duvets, that leaves us feeling vulnerable! We want to be cozy, not stifled. A lightweight duvet helps us get the right balance.

Microfibre is an ideal choice because it breathes very well and will not trap moisture. You will feel cool and refreshed all night while wrapped (lightly and loosely) in silky, smooth comfort. Your summer comforter will have all the benefits of your winter version, including wonderful texture, durability, ease of care, and understated beauty. If you suffer from allergies, you will sleep better knowing that microfibre is anti-allergenic as well. This is important for those whose allergies flair up seasonally.

king size duvet are not just for winter anymore. They can offer exceptional comfort any time of year. 

The Simple Luxury of Cotton Bed Linens

The white fluffy down that surrounds the cotton seed can be transformed into an endless variety of items for our closets and homes. Its great versatility makes cotton an ideal choice for the bedroom as well. Soft, breathable, and comfortable, cotton bed linen is a simple luxury that that turns the everyday experience of going to bed a treat to be savored.

Why Choose Cotton?

There is a reason why most of our clothing is made of cotton: it feels good!  100 percent cotton is soft and smooth. It offers a wonderfully comfortable surface for sleeping. Cotton/polyester blends have a less pleasing texture; it simply does not feel “natural” and may have a sandpaper-like feel to it.

Another advantage of cotton bed sheets over cotton/poly blends is that they are much more breathable. Air can flow through the spaces between the stitches. When you sleep, your body needs to be able to regulate your temperature. Polys trap heat, which can make you sweaty and uncomfortable, possibly interfering with your sleep quality. Yet another benefit: cotton is very durable. It does not pill, and with proper washing and care, a great set of sheets and bed linens will last for years.

Wanting the benefits of cotton with a boost of luxury, many people opt for Egyptian cotton bed linen. Just a few years ago, these linens were incredibly expensive and hard to find. While they are still a bit pricier than regular cotton, they may just be worth the indulgence. They are renowned for their durability and extraordinarily soft texture.

Whether you choose Egyptian or standard cotton linens, you are giving yourself a gift of better sleep and lasting style for years to come. Toss those poly blends and let cotton wow you with its many benefits.

The Benefits of Microfibre Duvets

What is better than waking up on a chilly morning and feeling nothing but the soothing warmth of your duvet? When you can find a comforter that offers the right balance of warmth and weight, style and substance, and value and luxury, you’ll find yourself retiring to bed a little earlier than usual. Microfibre duvets are among the most popular choices, and for good reason. They offer a host of benefits.

Microfibre is a versatile fabric that is often used in clothing because it is soft yet durable. It can also have a variety of textures. Typically, duvets made from this material are very soft, smooth, and silky. Not only are they exceptionally comfortable, they add an air of elegance and refinement to any bedroom.

The synthetic fibres are much lighter than traditional feather down and this can be refreshing for those who want warmth without added weight. Another benefit is breathability, which is important in ensuring you have a good night’s sleep. Microfibre breathes well and will not trap moisture, like many other fabrics, including satin. You won’t wake feeling sweaty,  uncomfortable, or trapped by a heavy comforter.

The synthetic composition offers another benefit for users: it is anti-allergenic. The trouble with down duvets is that they trap allergens and can aggravate symptoms in some people. Microfibre solves this problem and allows everyone to enjoy the benefits of down without the sniffles and sneezes. You can snuggle up with confidence.

Microfibre is not as fussy as many fabrics; you can often clean it in a standard washing machine (though you may want to use a commercial model because of the size). The fibres stay put and do not migrate to the corners as down or cotton fillers do.

Luxury duvets offer durability, comfort, convenience, and even affordability.  There is no reason not to indulge. 

Mattress Topper FAQs

We could all use a better night’s sleep, but what’s the best way to get it? A foam mattress topper may be the answer. Before you purchase, let’s take a look at some frequently asked questions so you can choose the topper and get started on those zz’s!

Why buy a topper? 
A mattress topper can help you completely change the feel of your bed without having to go to the expense of getting a new mattress. Whether you want increased comfort or more support, a topper is a quick and easy addition that will help you feel noticeable results right away.

Is memory foam the best mattress topper option for me? 
If you want increased comfort, a down topper is a great choice. You’ll feel swaddled and embraced by warmth. But memory foam is ideal for many people because it provides comfort and support. Memory foam contours to your body, providing support in all the right places so you can sleep naturally and tension-free. In addition, opting for a topper gives you the benefits of a memory foam mattress at a lower cost.

Will I have to buy new sheets? 
Maybe! If your sheets fit tightly now, you may have to buy a set with deeper pockets to accommodate the topper. It also depends on the thickness of the topper you choose.  Some toppers are 2 or 3 inches in thickness; this does add to the profile of your bed. But a new set of sheets is a small price to pay for increased support and comfort.

Is memory foam breathable?
It is when it has air grooves, or convolutions, integrated into its surface. Look for a topper with this feature so you don’t overheat at night.

A memory foam mattress topper can help you get the sleep you need at a price you can afford. If you have always wanted to try memory foam and feel the difference, this is your chance. 

Buying a Luxury Memory Foam Mattress

This one is too hard. This one is too soft. It is easy to feel like Goldilocks when trying to find the best bed! We know the best mattress for back pain is a memory foam model because it can offer customised support. But what if you don’t have back pain? What if you just don’t like how your current beds feel? Pain is not the only reason to invest in a great mattress. What should you consider before making an important addition to your bedroom?

The reason why those with back pain find relief with memory foam is that it contours to their bodies’ curves, joints, and pressure points. The spine can rest naturally and in alignment. This relieves pressure on the back and reduces aches and pains. For those without back pain, the natural alignment of neck, shoulders, spine, hips, and knees allows you to sleep tension-free. You can high-quality rest that leaves you more refreshed in the morning.

Because you are not concerned with pain, a luxury memory foam mattress is a great option. A model with 2 inches of visco-elastic foam offers that support, which, even if we are pain free, we still need. It is also important that the mattress have a base foam layer. This provides structure and resilience for the mattress, which is crucial in durability and lasting comfort and support.

When choosing a classic or luxury memory foam mattress, look for breathability and airflow. This is an important element because it allows your body to regulate its temperature effectively, ensure you do not get too hot when sleeping. A moisture-removing cover, preferably made with natural fibers, is a must.

There are many reasons to buy a memory foam mattress; pain relief is just one. Anyone who values sleep, rest, and rejuvenation will benefit. 

How to Choose a Memory Foam Mattress Topper

If you are not ready to replace your mattress, you can still enjoy the benefits of memory foam. Mattress toppers are an ideal, and affordable, way to experience better sleep, more restful nights, fewer aches and pains, and better mornings. How do you choose the best topper?

First, consider the bed you have now. Is it overly firm? Is it too soft? The good news is that a memory foam mattress topper will work with either problem. But you do want to consider your needs so you can choose the best thickness. A topper that is 1.5 inches, for instance, will make your bed more comfortable. If your bed is too soft, a memory foam topper adds support that can help you get better, more comfortable sleep. If you just want a luxurious, soft experience, a 2 or 3 inch topper can help you achieve it. Think about whether you want support or comfort.

When you have an idea of why you want a topper, you can determine which will be the best for you. One feature to look for is a convoluted surface. This means that there are air grooves integrated into the surface of the topper. This allows air to flow, helping your body regulate your temperature.

Another feature that you want is high-quality visco-elastic foam. This foam conforms to your unique spinal alignment and pressure points. When you get up, the topper “recovers” quickly to its original shape. This prevents the topper from creating a “you” shaped mold.

One more tip: ensure you are getting the best mattress topper by looking for a guarantee or warrantee. Not only foam is capable of delivering comfort and support. A guarantee indicates the manufacturer stands behind the quality of its product.

A mattress topper is an excellent way to enjoy the many benefits of memory foam without making a substantial investment. Better sleep on a budget: that should give you sweet dreams

Finding the Right Bed Frame

Your mattress gives your body the support and comfort it needs to sleep deeply and wake feeling refreshed. But why not also support your sense of style! Great wooden bed frames help you pull together your bedroom’s look, creating a truly beautiful, peaceful space.

What type of frame is right for you? Consider the look and feel of your bedroom. Do you love simple, natural lines? Do you want to try to maximise space in a smaller room? Do you want to go for a spare, minimalist look, or do you need some more flair? Take the time to consider your answers so you choose a frame that you can be happy with now and in five years.

There are a variety of frames from which to choose. A platform bed frame, for instance, is a great option for small spaces because it features very clean lines. It can help unclutter a cramped space, and it can also add a modern look to a bedroom. Platforms are incredibly versatile; they can be used to create rooms with Asian, Caribbean, contemporary, or minimalist themes.

For a touch of decoration, you can also opt for a frame with a headboard. Again, the level of ornamentation is up to you. A simple slat style can give you that added focal point without detracting from the rest of your décor or limiting you to a certain style.

When choosing your frame, remember that there is a difference between cheap bed frames and those that have low prices. You do not want a cheap frame. It will not be as well-made, as durable, or as aesthetically-pleasing. Settling for lower quality may mean you have to replace your frame much sooner than you had planned.

With the right bed frame, your decorating options and possibilities are unlimited. With some carefully chosen accessories, pillows, and throws, you can change your look anytime without breaking your budget.

Bedroom on a Budget

Think you have to give up style for low prices? Savvy shoppers know they can scoop up great deals and create the look they want for their homes. If you are concentrating on your bedroom, here are a few cost-saving tips to help you complete your décor without going over-budget.

Start with the Basics
With a great bed, the heavy decorating lifting is done. Your bed is your focal point; choosing a relatively simple frame ensures that you will have a versatile palette for the rest of your space. Platform beds, for instance, offer endless versatility. Since they have been around for centuries, there is little risk they will go out of style. The simple lines allow you to change your décor whenever you like without having to purchase new furnishings.

When choosing your bed, you can find a host of cheap bed frames. Make sure you do not sacrifice quality though.  A cheaply made frame will have to be replaced much sooner, whereas one that costs just a bit more will last for years.

Add a Touch of Luxury
Sometimes the simplest touches make the most impact. Treat yourself a set of high-quality cotton bed sheets. The benefits include: comfort, breathability, durability, and value. Cotton has a number of marvelous properties, not the least of which is its soft texture. Skip the poly/cotton blends and choose either cotton or Egyptian cotton.

Accessorise and Personalise
It is easy to find or make inexpensive artwork and decorations for your room. Stitch a quick throw pillow, paint a canvas with your favorite color, or frame treasured photographs. With the right blend of basics, simple luxury, and inexpensive extras, you can do your bedroom on a budget.

3 Ways to Treat Back Pain Naturally

Most of us will experience back pain at some point in our lives, and millions have chronic or recurring pain that gets in the way of work, hobbies, and sleep. How can you treat back pain naturally and safely?

Change the Way You Sleep
Rest is essential for healing injuries or aches, but it is hard to find relief when your mattress is continually pulling your spine out of alignment. Traditional mattresses force our bodies to conform to them. The best mattress for back pain is a memory foam model. They mold to our bodies, cradling them and removing stress and pressure. Your back is allowed to rest naturally, while getting the support it needs.  Memory foam responds to your body’s unique curves and contours for a better night’s sleep.

Often, people with back pain avoid exercise, but physical activity can help you strengthen your back muscles. This can both relieve and prevent pain. Ask your doctor for suggestions that are right for you. Strength training, yoga, and mild cardiovascular exercises may be just what you need. And after a good workout, you’ve got the best memory foam mattress to rest on!

Eat Better
How is food going to help? It fuels your body, helping you develop stronger back muscles. Phytochemicals, found in vegetables, also reduce inflammation and pain. Reducing processed, fatty foods can also help.

Check with your doctor to find the best way to relieve your back pain. Of all the steps that you can take, trying a luxury memory foam mattress certainly sounds like the most fun!  When you can sleep and wake without feeling achy and sore, you are moving in the right direction for improved back health.