Sunday, 13 October 2013

What’s The Hype About Memory Foam?

These days, who hasn’t head of a memory foam topper? The advertisements are everywhere—TV, magazines, radio, and the internet. In fact, you may even know someone who can’t stop raving about it.

There is good reason these mattresses seem to be everywhere. It is because they are so much more comfortable than a traditional mattress. Anyone who has tested one at a store can tell you how hard it was to get of the display. Some describe it as sleeping on a cloud. Imagine that.

Sleep can be hard to come by for the super busy, overworked population of today. Many find themselves getting up earlier, going to bed later, and still not getting everything accomplished. By the time they go to bed, they are stressed and exhausted, and they really need some quality sleep, but a lot of people aren’t getting it, not on traditional mattresses, which tend to leave you feeling achy and unrested.

A memory foam mattress or a memory foam mattress topper is the answer to your sleeping problems.  Instead of lying on a stack of uncomfortable metal springs, why nest rest atop a soft yet supportive cushion of specially crafted foam? No pointy, squeaky springs. Just custom cushion everywhere you need it.

If you're still not convinced, start with a memory foam pillow. It is the smallest investment of the memory foam product line, and it can still bring about a big difference in the quality of your sleep. Once you buy a pillow, you will be quickly headed back for a topper or full mattress. It is one thing to not miss what you never had, but once you have had it, you will find yourself more and more displeased your current mattress. From there, it will only be a matter of time until you make the permanent switch.

What is a Pocket Sprung Mattresses and Should I Buy One?

Traditional spring based mattresses are made of interconnected coil springs. This means that they all operate as one. This causes the mattress to exert pressure on users’ backs. The springs of pocket sprung mattresses are not interconnected. As the name implies, each spring is individually housed in its own pocket. This allows the springs to do a better job of supporting the user. Each spring can respond individually to the weight being exerted on it, rather than reflexively to the movement of the other springs.

Pocket sprung mattresses are perfect for customers who have had trouble with traditional mattresses. If you have a bad back, a stiff neck, or just do not enjoy the quality of sleep you get on your current mattress, a pocket sprung mattress is worth looking into. Sleep is too important for you to not at least look. Try one out at your local mattress store and see if you can feel the difference.

Platform Bed
Pocket sprung mattresses look like traditional mattresses, so you don't have to replace your existing frame. If you currently have a cheap bed frame or a platform bed, your pocket sprung mattress should fit right on top. No additional costs. Pocket sprung mattresses are similar in price to other mattresses, so don't be scared off by the thought of investing in a new mattress. But even if you do have to pay more, it is worth it to get high-quality sleep. Some people do not realize how poor their sleep quality is until they get the chance to sleep on a better mattress.

Most people keep their mattresses for years, so you would be better off getting what you really need instead of settling for something that is not giving you the back support you need.

Memory Foam Mattress Toppers For Better Sleep

Good sleep is very important, so when you don't get it, you’re bound to experience health issues at some point or another. One way to ensure you are getting good sleep is to make sure you are sleeping on the right type of mattress. The wrong mattress can make you sore and leave you dissatisfied and cranky the next morning. What wants that? No one, especially not you.

Memory foam mattresses come in a variety of brands and prices, but they are generally more expensive than traditional mattresses. (This is because of the cost of materials.) Though they are a worthwhile investment, they are not always a realistic option for people on fixed budgets or those who simply are not willing to spend a little more. That is where memory foam mattress toppers come in. They are much cheaper, but offer comparable benefits.

Memory foam forms specifically to the shape of your body, so two different people could use it and both get satisfactory results even though their bodies are different.  People with back pain can especially appreciate the added support of mattress toppers. Traditional mattresses can sometimes make things worse by activating pressure points thus mattresses for back pain should be used. Back pain can really interfere with daily activities, so being able to get relief is an amazing feeling. Memory foam pillows can also be a resource for people who do not want to buy a full memory foam mattress. Many people say the quality of their pillow directly affects the quality of their sleep, so a memory foam mattress topper can be an relatively inexpensive way to get a good night’s rest.

If your budget is small, don't fret. There is a memory foam option for you. From mattress toppers to memory foam pillows, you are sure to find something that will give you sweet dreams.

What is the Difference Between Memory Foam Mattresses and Latex Mattresses?

If you have been doing your research on luxury memory foam mattresses lately, you have probably come
Luxury Memory Foam Mattress
across some made of latex. You are probably wondering the difference between the two.  Read on to learn about the differences.

Memory foam is a synthetic material that is known and widely used for its durability, comfort, and pressure relief. That is why it is used in mattresses and pillows. However, health conscious customers worry about the possible side effects of continually sleeping on a mattress made of synthetic fibres and chemicals. Some users have even reported allergic reactions (like itching and headaches) to the chemicals.

Latex is a natural alternative to traditional memory foam. Made from rubber tree sap, pure latex mattresses have none of the chemicals other mattresses have. The down side, though, is that latex is not nearly comfortable and supportive as memory foam.

Traditional memory foam cradles the body, reducing pressure, aches, and pain. Latex, on the other hand, is much more firm, so firm that it exerts, instead of relieves, pressure. That is why pure latex mattresses are not very popular. There was a time, years ago, when they were sold in stores, but they did not last long because of the discomfort problem.

Thanks to technology, there are latex mattresses that feel very similar to traditional memory foam. They are blended with other materials and processed in a way that makes them much more comfortable than the latex mattresses of old. But of course, technology has its price. Expect to pay much more (sometimes 10 times more) for a latex memory foam bed. If you have the money and are concerned about the health implications of sleeping on something unnatural, it is a worthwhile investment. Latex memory foam mattresses are durable, so if you do buy one, you should not have to replace it for at least ten years.

Is There A Such Thing As A Natural Memory Foam Mattress?

Sometimes, consumers who were ready to buy memory foam mattresses get hesitant when they hear about the synthetic, possibly carcinogenic chemicals used in standard memory foam. They are also bothered by the fact that memory foam mattresses can trap debris. They then begin to wonder if there is something just as comfortable but healthier for the user. The answer is yes, there is.

Natural memory foam mattresses are made of latex, a natural material made from processed rubber tree sap. Original latex mattresses lost favour with customers long ago because they were too firm. Now, manufacturers are finding ways to soften up the material so that it feels almost identical to traditional memory foam mattresses.

Natural memory foam mattress provides the best of both worlds: comfort and improved health. But that combination of features is not cheap. Latex mattress often cost upwards of $1,500. That is a lot considering that a regular mattress can be purchased for much less than 500 in most cases.  For those that can afford it, it is a good investment, but there are other options for those who cannot spend that much.

Pocket sprung mattresses are made of springs that are not interconnected. Standard mattress springs are interconnected, meaning they can’t individually respond the weight they support. This leads to increased pressure on the back, hence the growing market for other types of mattresses. Pocket sprung mattresses are much more supportive and apply much less pressure on the back because the springs are free to respond freely without being pulled by other springs.

These mattresses can be wonderful options for people who have not been satisfied with their current mattress. The best part is that they are not nearly as expensive as natural memory foam mattresses. That’s right, they cost much less and still proved a markedly improved sleeping experience.

What Size Divan Bed Should I Buy?

If you are unsure of the size of divan bed you should buy, it may be because you are buying your first bed. Perhaps you have recently moved into your first apartment and have no idea about decorating and furnishings. Don't worry. It is actually quite easy to decide what size bed you should buy.

The first thing to consider is the size of your space. The smaller it is, the smaller your divan bed should be. A king size divan, for example, would be too big for a studio apartment, and a single divan bed would seem too small in a big, spacious master bedroom. You want to create balance. You want a bed that compliments the size of the room, big enough to stand out but not so big it swallows the room.

Second, you want to consider the number of people sleeping in it. Will you be sleeping alone or with your three kids and two dogs? Obviously, a higher number of people in the bed require a bigger bed. Also, take your future into account. Do you plan to marry or have children soon? If so, getting at least a double divan bed or possibly even a king size divan bed may save you a lot of hassle later.

Last, but certainly not least, consider your budget—and don't go over. Spending more than you planned can feel fine in the moment, but it is bound to be an issue later, especially if you have a whole room to furnish. A bunch of small, seemingly harmless purchases add up quickly, and you may find yourself regretting the fact that you did not stick to your budget. Your bed is where you spend a good portion of your life, so be sure to get the right one for you.