Thursday, 11 July 2013

Going Organic in the Bedroom – Is There Really an Advantage?

Sure, we’ve switched to green cleaners for our floors, counters, bathrooms and dishes.  We look for organic ingredients for our meals.  Maybe we’ve even tried to pay more attention to the clothes we purchase and how they are made and what they are made from.  But organic mattresses?  Do they really offer any advantages?  Well, the answer is a loud “Yes!”

Consider that new products will give off the chemicals from which they are made.  Trace amounts of these chemicals are everywhere, and if our exposure is limited, there is not that much to worry about.  However, we spend a great deal of time in bed.  Some estimates indicate we spend as much as 25% of our life in a bed!  This is not limited exposure – it is recurring and extended exposure every night.

Next, consider that we are putting our body’s largest organ into contact with these chemical residues every night.  Our skin, our largest organ, absorbs chemicals almost like applying a skin cream.  This extended exposure is not healthy, and an organic mattress can be the answer to reducing this dangerous exposure. 

But those concerned about healthier living or those with chemical sensitivities are not the only ones who may benefit from organic mattresses.  Those suffering from allergies often find that when they make the switch to an organic mattress (and often a platform bed in addition to the matress), they experience quick relief.  The platform bed elevates the sleeper from the floor, reducing their exposure to the dust and allergens that can gather in carpeting or other flooring.  But even further, many allergies are triggered by dust mite feces that gather on mattresses and in floors.  Organic mattresses do an excellent job of reducing and in some cases eliminating the effects of dust mites. 

Going green in the bedroom can provide a lot of health benefits.

What’s the Softest Possible Bed Linen?

One of the main pleasures of curling up in bed to sleep is pulling up the sheets and being wrapped in softness.  After the mattress has been chosen, the colors considered and the room decorated, many people find themselves looking for the softest possible bed linen.  With the popularity of microfiber bed linen, the craft of finding cotton bed sheets that are comfortable and affordable is becoming a lost art.  Here are some tips for finding your best cotton bed linen!

Check the thread count.  This literally means the number of threads per square inch in the cloth.  The higher the thread count, the softer the sheet.  While the average thread count for sheets is around 200, anything over that number is heading toward the luxury category.  Will you pay more for this privilege?  Yes.  But ask anyone who has experienced the pleasure of high thread count cotton bed sheets, and you will find it is well worth the investment.

For quality and comfort, Egyptian cotton bed linen is still the king of comfort!  Starting at 400 thread count, these sheets are crafted for comfort and softness.  Is there really such a difference in the kind of cotton used?  Turns out there certainly are!  Egyptian cotton fibres are longer and thinner than other forms of cotton.  This enables manufacturers to create a very thin thread, leading to higher thread count per square inch than would otherwise be possible.  But the tight weave is not the only advantage.  These threads are also less likely to break or pill.  Shorter threads, even at a higher thread count, are more prone to breakage and do not wear over time as effectively as Egyptian cotton does.  So, for the ultimate in luxury bedding, Egyptian cotton bed linen is the way to go!

Finding Cheap Bed Frames for Every Room in Your Home – A Few Tips That May Help

Zealand Bed Frame
In today’s economy, we all want to find a good deal.  But we don’t want to sacrifice quality just for a bit of savings.  When it comes to fitting the home with bed frames that can run into some serious money.  Use these tips to help you find quality – cheap bed frames for every bedroom in your house!

Before you do anything, know your needs!  Figure your space configurations for the room itself, first.  Then, consider your own sleeping habits.  You may need more space than you might typically consider buying.  You may not want a traditional head board or footer.  Knowing your needs is critical to finding the right product.  After all, no matter how cheap it is, if it doesn’t suit your needs, you’ve lost money.

Know the difference in products.  Spend a little time doing research into the various offerings out there.  This will tell you useful things such as whether you should go with a pocket sprung mattress or a memory foam.  Or whether a platform bed for the

Shop online for great deals.  A traditional store usually stocks the most popular product and items they believe they can move quickly from their floor.  They will not necessarily stock the cheapest item or the more nontraditional products that would be of greater interest to you.  Going online allows you to browse a much larger variety of products that will suit your needs, not just the most popular products in a certain area.  Additionally, many online stores offer special discounts just for internet users.  And if you already know your needs and you’ve done a little research on the product, you’re a cinch to find the best deal for every room in your house!
allergy sufferer in the house will be the better deal than a bed frame that is lower to the floor.  Knowing the purpose behind the product will also keep you from being overwhelmed when you get ready to choose a final purchase.  If we don’t know what we’re looking at, sometimes we purchase out of confusion – never a good idea.

Advantages of having a Luxury Memory Foam Mattress

Making the investment into a luxury memory foam mattress is an excellent investment in one’s health.  We all know the traditional benefits of memory foam, and these are enhanced by upgrading to a luxury mattress.

Individual Fit.  With luxury memory foam, the individual cells in the mattress respond to the body’s heat.  As the body heats up, the mattress begins to conform to your individual shape and heat points.  This creates a unique fit for each individual – something a traditional pocket sprung mattress can never offer.

Deeper Sleep.  We’ve all been awakened in the night by our own tossing and turning or the movement of our partner.  With luxury memory foam, we stay put in the mattress as it conforms to our body, meaning fuller, longer sleep.

Relief from Pain Pressure Points.  Especially for those suffering from joint and back pain, a king size memory foam mattress may offer fantastic relief.  Traditional wisdom holds that those with back pain need very firm mattresses; but in fact, this is not necessarily true and can produce even more pain in the morning.  Memory foam offers relief from pain pressure points.

Reduction in Allergies.  Memory foam or other latex mattresses offer superior hypoallergenic construction.  Many allergy sufferers are aggravated by dust mite feces that can live in flooring and on traditional mattresses.  Latex and memory foam mattresses greatly reduce the collection of dust mites and provide allergy relief.

Health Benefits of Sleep.  If we are constantly tossing and turning, we are not getting the benefits of deep sleep.  A good night’s sleep has been linked to a variety of benefits, including improved memory and brain function the next day, immune boosting benefits and even weight loss!  As we spend so much time in bed and the results are so important, luxury memory foam mattresses become a health investment we cannot afford to pass up.

Should You Go with a Double Divan or a King Size for your Flat?

Upgrading to new flat offers lots of exciting decorating possibilities, and the right divan for your flat is often the first purchase made.  There are many considerations to make when purchasing a divan bed, and many find themselves toggling between a decision on a king size or double divan bed.  Here are some things to consider when making this decision.

First, consider the actual size.  Simply looking at the bed isn’t enough when it comes to knowing whether it will fit in a certain space in your flat.  A double divan bed is
Divan Bed
typically 137 X 190 centimeters.  The King is 198 X 203 centimeters.  A “California King” is 182 X 213 centimeters.  If your bedroom simply won’t allow room for anything other than a double divan bed, that decision is made quickly just by being aware of the size.

Are there advantages or differences to owning these differently sized beds?  There certainly can be.  Two people sleeping in a king size bed have the same amount of personal room as if they were each sleeping in a twin (or single) size bed.  This can be an important consideration for sleep space, especially if one or both people tend to toss or turn during the night.  However, if your flat is accessed through a narrow hallway or your doorways are narrow, a king size bed can be very difficult, if not impossible, to get into the room.  A single person may want to go instead with a double bed.  King size beds may also not be tall enough for the taller people – it would be important to test this out first and determine whether it meets your needs.  Bedding will also be more expensive for a king size divan beds than for a double.  Knowing your budget and your sleep needs, plus your room limitations will ensure you make the best decision!

3 Reasons You Should Buy a Memory Foam Mattress Now

You’ve probably seen many advertisements for memory foam mattresses and even given purchasing one some thought.  The commercials seem to promise so much!  As so many people admit to not getting enough sleep on a regular basis, the interest in memory foam mattresses is understandable.  With so many products on the market, it can be difficult to know how to get started.  But here are three reasons why you should buy memory foam mattress right now. 

Memory Foam Mattress
Prevent pain.  Especially for those with back pain, a memory foam mattress may be the best option.  As the heat from your body penetrates the mattress, the foam begins to soften, leading to a personal fit that is custom tailored to your body.  While many people believe the firmer the mattress the better, the truth is that for those suffering back pain, the opposite may be true.

Undisturbed rest.  For those with a partner who tosses and turns in the night, sleep can prove to be difficult!  Constant waking up and trying to return to sleep doesn’t allow the body to get the deep rest we all need.  Memory foam mattresses significantly reduce the impact your partner will make by moving around in bed, leading to better rest for you both.

Tap into the benefits of sleep.  A good night’s sleep has been linked to many rejuvenating benefits, from increased performance at work, reduced stress and even weight loss and overall immune system health.  While we spend millions collectively on gyms, diet products and the like, regular, undisturbed sleep is one of the single best things we could do for our bodies and minds.  Memory foam mattresses offer the opportunity to tap into the healing power of sleep.