Monday, 1 April 2013

The Simple Luxury of Cotton Bed Linens

The white fluffy down that surrounds the cotton seed can be transformed into an endless variety of items for our closets and homes. Its great versatility makes cotton an ideal choice for the bedroom as well. Soft, breathable, and comfortable, cotton bed linen is a simple luxury that that turns the everyday experience of going to bed a treat to be savored.

Why Choose Cotton?

There is a reason why most of our clothing is made of cotton: it feels good!  100 percent cotton is soft and smooth. It offers a wonderfully comfortable surface for sleeping. Cotton/polyester blends have a less pleasing texture; it simply does not feel “natural” and may have a sandpaper-like feel to it.

Another advantage of cotton bed sheets over cotton/poly blends is that they are much more breathable. Air can flow through the spaces between the stitches. When you sleep, your body needs to be able to regulate your temperature. Polys trap heat, which can make you sweaty and uncomfortable, possibly interfering with your sleep quality. Yet another benefit: cotton is very durable. It does not pill, and with proper washing and care, a great set of sheets and bed linens will last for years.

Wanting the benefits of cotton with a boost of luxury, many people opt for Egyptian cotton bed linen. Just a few years ago, these linens were incredibly expensive and hard to find. While they are still a bit pricier than regular cotton, they may just be worth the indulgence. They are renowned for their durability and extraordinarily soft texture.

Whether you choose Egyptian or standard cotton linens, you are giving yourself a gift of better sleep and lasting style for years to come. Toss those poly blends and let cotton wow you with its many benefits.

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