Monday, 1 April 2013

Bedroom on a Budget

Think you have to give up style for low prices? Savvy shoppers know they can scoop up great deals and create the look they want for their homes. If you are concentrating on your bedroom, here are a few cost-saving tips to help you complete your décor without going over-budget.

Start with the Basics
With a great bed, the heavy decorating lifting is done. Your bed is your focal point; choosing a relatively simple frame ensures that you will have a versatile palette for the rest of your space. Platform beds, for instance, offer endless versatility. Since they have been around for centuries, there is little risk they will go out of style. The simple lines allow you to change your décor whenever you like without having to purchase new furnishings.

When choosing your bed, you can find a host of cheap bed frames. Make sure you do not sacrifice quality though.  A cheaply made frame will have to be replaced much sooner, whereas one that costs just a bit more will last for years.

Add a Touch of Luxury
Sometimes the simplest touches make the most impact. Treat yourself a set of high-quality cotton bed sheets. The benefits include: comfort, breathability, durability, and value. Cotton has a number of marvelous properties, not the least of which is its soft texture. Skip the poly/cotton blends and choose either cotton or Egyptian cotton.

Accessorise and Personalise
It is easy to find or make inexpensive artwork and decorations for your room. Stitch a quick throw pillow, paint a canvas with your favorite color, or frame treasured photographs. With the right blend of basics, simple luxury, and inexpensive extras, you can do your bedroom on a budget.

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