Monday, 1 April 2013

Finding the Right Bed Frame

Your mattress gives your body the support and comfort it needs to sleep deeply and wake feeling refreshed. But why not also support your sense of style! Great wooden bed frames help you pull together your bedroom’s look, creating a truly beautiful, peaceful space.

What type of frame is right for you? Consider the look and feel of your bedroom. Do you love simple, natural lines? Do you want to try to maximise space in a smaller room? Do you want to go for a spare, minimalist look, or do you need some more flair? Take the time to consider your answers so you choose a frame that you can be happy with now and in five years.

There are a variety of frames from which to choose. A platform bed frame, for instance, is a great option for small spaces because it features very clean lines. It can help unclutter a cramped space, and it can also add a modern look to a bedroom. Platforms are incredibly versatile; they can be used to create rooms with Asian, Caribbean, contemporary, or minimalist themes.

For a touch of decoration, you can also opt for a frame with a headboard. Again, the level of ornamentation is up to you. A simple slat style can give you that added focal point without detracting from the rest of your d├ęcor or limiting you to a certain style.

When choosing your frame, remember that there is a difference between cheap bed frames and those that have low prices. You do not want a cheap frame. It will not be as well-made, as durable, or as aesthetically-pleasing. Settling for lower quality may mean you have to replace your frame much sooner than you had planned.

With the right bed frame, your decorating options and possibilities are unlimited. With some carefully chosen accessories, pillows, and throws, you can change your look anytime without breaking your budget.

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