Monday, 1 April 2013

3 Ways to Treat Back Pain Naturally

Most of us will experience back pain at some point in our lives, and millions have chronic or recurring pain that gets in the way of work, hobbies, and sleep. How can you treat back pain naturally and safely?

Change the Way You Sleep
Rest is essential for healing injuries or aches, but it is hard to find relief when your mattress is continually pulling your spine out of alignment. Traditional mattresses force our bodies to conform to them. The best mattress for back pain is a memory foam model. They mold to our bodies, cradling them and removing stress and pressure. Your back is allowed to rest naturally, while getting the support it needs.  Memory foam responds to your body’s unique curves and contours for a better night’s sleep.

Often, people with back pain avoid exercise, but physical activity can help you strengthen your back muscles. This can both relieve and prevent pain. Ask your doctor for suggestions that are right for you. Strength training, yoga, and mild cardiovascular exercises may be just what you need. And after a good workout, you’ve got the best memory foam mattress to rest on!

Eat Better
How is food going to help? It fuels your body, helping you develop stronger back muscles. Phytochemicals, found in vegetables, also reduce inflammation and pain. Reducing processed, fatty foods can also help.

Check with your doctor to find the best way to relieve your back pain. Of all the steps that you can take, trying a luxury memory foam mattress certainly sounds like the most fun!  When you can sleep and wake without feeling achy and sore, you are moving in the right direction for improved back health.

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