Friday, 3 May 2013

Finding the Best Duvet for Your Bedding Needs

A bedroom simply isn’t complete until the right duvet is purchased and put in place. It is the lynchpin that brings everything else together, so you want to be sure to get the correct one. In general, it comes down to price, fabric and filling

For many, price is one of the deciding factors in whether or not they will buy a particular duvet. Luckily, there is a large variety in every price range, so even the lowest price point should still have a decent selection of colors and designs. However, it is important to know the lesser expensive duvet covers will likely be made of and filled with an artificial fabric like polyester or microfibre. Some people have an aversion to these fabrics, but many do not even notice the difference.

The main fabrics used in duvets are cotton, silk, satin, polyester and microfiber. The first three in this list are likely to be more expensive (especially if they are 100% pure) but the latter two are usually more affordable. Cotton is the most popular and practical choice, mostly because it is so durable, versatile, and easy to maintain. Satin and silk are the more luxurious fabrics of the lot, but they are often considered an acquired taste. Because they are so lightweight and slippery, they don’t work well in colder climates, but are perfect for warmer environments where only a light blanket would be needed.

Many lower quality luxury duvets are filled with polyester or some other down alternative, but the higher quality duvets are often filled with down, which is made of goose feathers. Down duvets is very insulating and perfect for cold environments, but it can be an issue for people who allergies. Also, because down is made of feathers, it can sometimes become a problem when the tips of the feathers poke out of the fabric. This can be avoided if the duvet is padded.

Once you have settled on the price, fabric, and filling, be sure to choose microfibre duvets that complements the theme and feel of your room. Hopefully, it will be something you happily sleep under for years to come.

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