Thursday, 2 May 2013

Let’s Talk Cotton—Linens, Sheets, and More

Sheets can be more confusing than you think. Not only do you have to figure out what each piece does, but if you’re in the market for good sheets, you also need to factor materials in as well. Start by thinking about what you need.

Fitted sheets sit directly on the mattress. They’re tough to fold, but they’re the perfect barrier between you and the mattress. Flat sheets sit on top of that. They’re the part that you’ll snuggle under night after night. The duvet goes on the top of that. In some cases, you may need a blanket between for those really cold nights, but the right duvet will be designed to keep you warm enough on its own.

Once you understand a bit about the pieces, it’s time to consider the material itself. Many consumers will by cotton bed sheets for their room. Why? There are actually lots of reasons. First, it’s easily accessible in terms of pricing, comfort, and design. Second, it’s easy to maintain. Unlike other materials, cotton sheets only need to get thrown in your washer, then in the dryer. Added pressing usually isn’t a necessity. Finally, it feels amazing. Slipping between the sheets for a great night of sleep on cotton bed linen is like nothing else in this world, particularly if you go with the luxury of Egyptian cotton bed linen
Egyptian cotton bed linen.
Egyptian cotton bed linen

As you start to shop for the right bed linen to meet your needs, keep in mind that there are many styles of cotton bed sheets and linen. For the allergic, investing in a hypoallergenic bed sheet has never been more accessible. Egyptian cotton can be expensive, but it’s comfortable, usually hypoallergenic, and is just as warm if not warmer than regular bed sheets.

A good night’s sleep is just around the corner with the perfect bed sheets!

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