Friday, 3 May 2013

Can a New Mattress Help My Back Pain?

You’ve seen mattress commercials that claim their products can improve back pain. You’re interested, but skeptical. Can a different memory foam mattress really help? The answer is yes, a new mattress (if it is the right kind) can help relieve your back pain. In fact, your old mattress could be the actual cause of your back pain.

These days, mattresses are made in many ways with many different types of material, but the traditional and still-most-popular mattress type is the box spring. These are filled with a series of metal springs of varying densities. For many people, these work just fine, but for those with sensitive backs or preexisting back conditions, they can cause problems. Instead of supporting the back in the way it needs, it causes pain by activating pressure points.

The right foam mattress can alleviate mattress-related pain and help reduce other pains. It’s all about proper support. Memory foam mattress made of, air, and customizable mechanical parts can cater to your exact needs—even if those needs change over time!
All of these mattresses are different and have their own list of pros and cons, but the basic idea behind them is that they do not provide a one-size-fits-all sleeping surface. They bend and give depending on the curve and weight of the sleeper. This allows each part of your body to experience the optimal amount of pressure.

Sleep is far too important to overall health for it to be ruined by a poor mattress. Yes, box springs are often the most affordable options, but the financial savings are not worth it if you are sacrificing your back. Things like stress, posture, and physical activity area already known culprits for back pain. Do not add to it by sleeping on the wrong mattress. Invest in a higher quality mattress and feel the difference.


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