Friday, 3 May 2013

What is the Best Duvet for Summer Weather?

No one wants to be under a big, heavy duvet during the summer, but most of us still want something to sleep under. Luckily, there are thinner duvets that look just as nice and cozy, but without all the weight and heat.

To keep cool during those hot summer months, opt for a thin silk or satin duvet. Unlike cotton, polyester, and microfiber, silk and satin are not very absorbent or insulating. This means they won’t trap your body heat near your body. (This is what you want in the winter, but not in the summer.) This also means they will remain cool to the touch much longer.

Aside from the fabric the duvet is made off, you should also consider the filling. It also affects how warm the duvet will be. Down, which is made of goose feathers, is the go-to choice for thick, winter duvets, but it is absolutely wrong for a summer duvet. Down alternative, which is a less expensive faux version of down, should also be avoided. It is better to stick to a lightweight cotton or polyester filling.

Also, you want to make sure the luxury duvet has a thin layer of filling. If you are buying the duvet in person, be sure to feel the thickness. If your finger sinks down into the fabric, it is probably too thick, but if your finger only makes a small indentation, that is probably a better choice. If you are purchasing online, check to see if there is a depth measurement. This will let you know how thick the filling is. If the depth isn’t shown, feel free to ask the seller. He or she should have no problem sharing this information.

Summer microfibre duvets are cooling, but still thick enough to make you feel covered, comfortable and safe. They are a great investment and a must have for anyone who lives in a warm environment.


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