Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Sleep Facts: Five Things You Might Not Know, But Should

There has been a great deal talk about lack of sleep in recent years, as more and more studies prove that it can be linked to poor health, weight gain, and increased stress levels. Even more researchers have tried to determine what can be done to assist insomniacs. But, before you jump the gun and invest in a new memory foam mattress topper or pocket sprung bed, take a look at these scary facts and statistics.

Stress Filled Dreams Reduce Benefits It has been demonstrated in many sleep studies that dreams are often an extension of daytime events, reinterpreted. Dreams of falling, being chased, being seen in the nude, or of teeth falling out often suggest that a person is anxious or overwhelmed by some aspect of life. These stress-related dreams can actually reduce the positive benefits that come with a night of sleep. Furthermore, a person is less likely to fall back into a comfortable sleep after waking from a nightmare, regardless of how comfortable his memory foam pillows are.

Sleep Live the Cavemen to Feel More Rested Research has found that those who reported the best sleep were those who woke with the rising sun. The routine of going to bed in the dark and rising in the light, programs the body to correctly react to these natural phenomenon, so a person has less difficulty falling asleep in the evening and, thus, feels more rested each day.

Mattresses for Back Pain Prove Worthwhile Most people who have difficulty sleeping cited one of two reasons – stress or pain. Stress can be attributed to work, family, money, or health problems. Pain at night can often be attributed to a poor mattress. An investment in a new mattress has shown to reduce discomfort and improve sleep patterns.

Lack of Sleep is Dangerous and Deadly As mentioned above, several studies have shown direct correlations between sleep deprivation and health complications. However, the impacts can be even more sudden. Drowsiness has proven just as dangerous behind the wheel as drunk driving is. Additionally, lack of sleep has been linked to some of the biggest disasters in this country, including the Challenger shuttle explosion. So, if you have ever doubted the need for a solid eight hours, you won’t have to wonder now… just go sleep on it!


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