Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Fibromyalgia Patients Need Good Mattresses

A mattress should support your body in a neutral position. This is even more important for people who suffer with chronic pain. That is to say that when lying on your back or side, all points along that plane of the body should be touching the mattresses surface comfortably. The mattress should do this without placing undue pressure on joints, which could lead to tingling, numbness or discomfort in the extremities. If your existing mattress is causing these issues now, then it is likely time to replace it. Fibromyalgia sufferers are even more prone to these symptoms of a bad bed.

When testing a new bed, be sure to visit a mattress store. Expect to spend some time there, testing a variety of mattresses by lying in your normal sleeping position for approximately ten minutes. This way, you will get an accurate feel for how the bed is going to support your body. Proper cushioning is essential for reducing the impact of your condition.

Pocket sprung mattresses are very common today and are available in a wide price range. However, it is important to understand that ‘more expensive’ does not mean ‘better’. For that reason, you should be testing mattresses in all price ranges. Avoid the very cheapest, only because too few springs could lead to less support in the areas you need it most and that means increase body pain, which fibro patients definitely don’t need.

A memory foam mattress is also an option. These generally mold to the body better than an innerspring mattress can, but some find that they put off too much heat at night making it hard for some sleepers to get comfortable. This is natural memory foam mattresses rely on body heat to provide that cushioning support that makes them so popular.

Air beds are also becoming more common place today, as are adjustable beds. The air beds are nice for couples who have varying opinions on how firm a bed should be, but they are often not firm enough for some fibro patients. Whereas adjustable beds can be really fitting for those who have sleep apnea, acid reflux, or like to sit up in bed in the evening. However, the adjustable function relies on the mattress bending and shifting which means they can wear out more quickly and that means that you start the process all over again a few years down the road when your fibromyalgia begins to act up more frequently overnight.


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  2. When choosing a mattress for a person with fibromyalgia, it is important to keep in mind how much support the mattress will offer. Memory foam tends to be a good option for someone with fibromyalgia because it can mold to the natural curvature of the body, allowing it to provide support where needed. However, many types of memory foam can cause one to feel hot throughout the night because it changes shape through heat. A way to combat this is to try a gel memory foam mattress. These provide the same support as regular memory foam, but have a cooler surface to maintain body temperature throughout the night.

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