Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Make Your Small Bedroom Feel Bigger With a Divan Bed

Small bedrooms are not an uncommon feature in homes today. Especially in cities, where hundreds of thousands, or even millions of people must find a corner to claim as their own. The apartments, townhouses, and even more conventional homes will sacrifice size for location.

Unfortunately, furnishing a small bedroom can be difficult; challenging, yes, but not impossible. There are so many mattress and bedding options today, that everyone can find something to fit their room, regardless of the size.

When filling a small bedroom, consider furniture pieces and bedframes that can multifunction. Instead of a traditional bed and dresser, you might choose a bed with built in storage. There are several different styles of beds that offer the added drawers today.

Another option is to consider divan beds. These are frames that are little more than a box frame to set the box springs and mattresses atop. The headboards are very minimalistic and there are no added details – such as the footboard – that would take up extra space in the small room. These beds come in all of the traditional sizes. You can find a double divan bed that can be pushed up to a wall in the room to function much like a daybed. There are also full king size divan beds for rooms that are just large enough to afford such luxury.

When it comes to storage in a tight space, consider built-in shelving and drawers that can be constructed to perfectly fit the allotted space. Another great idea is to fit existing closets with mirrored doors. This will give the illusion of added space and will make the room brighter by reflecting the natural light. Finally, avoid additional furniture pieces, such as night stands, that take up valuable real estate within the room. Instead, hang small, narrow shelves and consider wall hung or overhead lighting to avoid the need for tabletop lamps.


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