Wednesday, 13 November 2013

A Better Mattress, a Better Back

About 31 million people contend with back pain.  The expense to care for that discomfort is exorbitant.  Most cases of back pain are not a result of a known defect, but instead muscle-driven soreness.  The exact cause often remains unknown.

There are a number of traditional and alternative treatments available to back pain patients today, but that isn’t always enough to ease the ongoingdistress.  A better mattress can help those with back pain, particularly those who are most sore in the morning hours.

There is not a single type of mattress that is recommended for all back pain patients.  Instead, it comes down to personal preference.  Some will find that a stiffer mattress provides better support where it is needed, while others turn to a soft memory foam mattress to ease the strain.

That being said, a mattress that is too firm is not thought to be as supportive to the spine as a medium-firm mattress.  The ability to sink into the plush surface a certain degree means that the natural curves of the body are accommodated for.  When comparing two different spring-style mattresses, it is a general rule that the more springs there are, the better mattress will be.  However, when looking for the best, memory foam mattresses are rarely beat.  If you prefer the feel of a spring mattress or can’t afford to replace your existing mattress, it might be wise to buy memory form mattress pad.  The few inches of foam will not be enough to overcome a horribly worn bed, but can add an additional level of comfort to a subpar mattress.

It is essential -- especially for those who have back pain, but also for those who want to avoid the same fate -- to know when it is time to replace a mattress.  A good rule is to invest in a new mattress every ten years, however, if you find that your bed has lumps or valleys, then you may have to make the purchase even sooner.  It is in these situations, when a mattress is old, or lacks its original form, that a pad will not be enough.  For your back, consider a new bed a very wise investment.


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