Monday, 11 February 2013

What’s So Great about Memory Foam Mattresses?

Memory Foam Mattress
Since you spend more than a third of your life sleeping, there is absolutely no reason you shouldn’t be doing it on the most comfortable mattress possible.  Why spend 8 hours a night resting on something that is lumpy, or has springs you can feel, or is just plain uncomfortable?  Yet this is what so many people have suffered through with their standard innerspring mattress…until memory foam mattresses hit the scene and became one of the most popular mattresses of all time – and for good reason.

Memory foam mattresses are completely unique in how they contour to your body, delivering the maximum level of comfort to you while you sleep.  The dense foam inside your mattress shapes to your body, providing even support to every inch of you.  You’ve probably seen the ads on television where the person presses their hand into the foam and, like magic, their handprint stays even after they’ve pulled their hand back.  This is exactly what happens when you lay on a memory foam mattress – the foam responds to your weight, distributing it evenly and supporting just where it needs to without any springs or lumps pushing back uncomfortably into your body. 

In addition to providing incredible support and comfort while you sleep, memory foam mattresses are also known for their durability and their low maintenance.  Made of the best quality memory foam, this is the best mattress for back pain, because it provides necessary support to the back without being too rigid or stiff. Unlike spring mattresses, memory foam does not have to be rotated or flipped, which, let’s be honest, is never a fun job.  They are also long lasting and will not wear out or lose their support like spring mattresses.

It’s really no wonder why memory foam mattresses have become one of the fastest sellers around.  Consumers across the globe are realizing the huge benefits to this type of mattress, and the hours of peaceful and comfortable sleep that come with the purchase of a luxury memory foam mattress makes for rested and refreshed wake ups.

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