Monday, 11 February 2013

Is Linen for You?

If you’ve ever worn a linen shirt or dress, then you know the feel of this high-quality fabric. Linen is remarkably durable and almost canvas-like in its feel. If you are looking for cotton bed linen that lasts, linen itself is a good fabric to consider.

The great weight of linen makes it a good choice for your cotton bed linen. It’s a durable fabric that can keep you warm. A disadvantage is that linen tends to wrinkle very easily. When properly pressed and cared for, though, it tends to look very nice.

So what options besides linen are available for your perusal when you’re choosing cotton bed linen? First, realize that there are various types of cotton as well as styles of weave. The cheapest choice for cotton bed sheets would be American Upland cotton. When a set of sheets says only that it is all cotton, it’s usually this type. It’s economical, but still a good choice if you want the comfort of cotton.

Another variety, which is somewhat mid-grade, is known as Pima cotton. It’s a great choice for cotton bed linen if you want something that is a little better than lower grade. The most expensive is Egyptian cotton sheets. Grown in the Nile River Valley, this is some of the softest cotton available. 

Some common weaves are percale, sateen, and Oxford. Sateen has more vertical fibers, giving the sheets a satiny finish. These sheets are very soft to the touch and offer an elegant look. Percale is strong and soft. It’s especially dense and mid-weight, making it a very comfortable choice. Percale washes well, so if you want something durable, this fiber works. Oxford is a little less common. It was originally used in shirts. It’s a heavy weave, and one that’s especially soft. Keep your options open as you choose cotton bed linen, and you’ll make the right choice.

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