Monday, 11 February 2013

Back Pain and Mattresses: What You Need to Know

Maybe you’re one of the lucky people who never has back pain. But if you’re like most of us, you probably want to find the best mattress for back pain.

If it were easy, you could simply find the best mattress for back pain by word of mouth. However, the best mattress will be different for different people. Finding the best mattress for back pain is a matter of personal choice, but if you follow some general guidelines, they can help you to more quickly discover the best mattress for you.

For starters, remember that the best mattresses for back pain are generally fairly firm. Firm mattresses work well to mitigate back pain. They support the spine and the back muscles, making it easier for your bed to diminish back pain and to prevent it in the future.

You can buy mattresses in varying degrees of firmness. There are also mattresses with adjustable levels of firmness, and these can help you if you are unsure of back support needs or if your needs vary with time.

Memory Foam Mattress
The best mattress for back pain may, at least for some people, be memory foam mattress. Foam that conforms to your body “remembers” you and thus can provide excellent support.
 Advice from others on mattresses for back pain can be useful if you are at all unsure. Talk to people with back pain similar to yours, and ask what they did to manage it in the way of mattresses. Back pain is a distraction from life, and there’s no need to live with it when you can very easily correct it with a mattress designed for back pain.  With some diligence and patience, you can find the best option and be rid of your back pain forever. Good luck in all your searching!


  1. Indeed,Many people difficult to find the best mattress for them. The best mattress for you is Memory Foam, my mother always experience back pain everyday. I bought her this memory foam and now she never complain on her back. Thank you for posting such article. Looking for more about Sleepys Credit Card? Click Here

    1. Memory Foam Mattresses are top of the line mattresses which not only comforts you in sleep also helps in removing your back pain. Good to know you liked our post.

  2. I'm also looking for a new bed, and they were at the top of my list. I was contemplating their adjustable latex mattress with the top 2" layer replaced by a layer of the GL memory foam. I feel this system would give me (as an internet buyer with few good shopping options and little time to explore them) the most flexibility to replace/swap if needed, and perhaps try the full latex bed by changing the top if the mem foam doesn't work out long term. Have you formed any more opinions on Talalay GL since your last post on the topic? Thanks! I don't know how you stay so active on this site!

    1. Regards to bed requirement getting one is easier but understanding which one is bit tardy. So understand your requirements and also the mattress plays an important role in considering which bed to go for. I would suggest look out for Dexter Beds or any platform beds by Zenbedrooms. So hope it solves or somehow resolves your issue. See ya!