Monday, 11 February 2013

Platform Bed Frames and You

Maybe you just got a new apartment. Maybe you hope to find a bed frame that is elegant but won’t wreck your budget. You probably want something lightweight, too, so it won’t be a pain to move.
Platform Bed Frame
If this is you, you’re lucky – platform beds fit these standards, and they also are sleek and minimalist, making it easy to incorporate them into existing room structures. Platform bed frames are simple – some don’t even have a headboard. The most basic design is just what it sounds like – a platform for a mattress.

Aside from the sleek appeal, platform bed frames are great because they can fit into any budget. Basic models are very inexpensive. If you prefer something more opulent, there are fancier models, too. Cheap platform beds are often less than one hundred dollars, so they’re a great choice if you’re just out of college or simply on a budget.

Platform bed frames give you the convenience of a mattress on the floor, but they add a good bit more style and sophistication. Wood platform beds can be finished and stained to suit your décor, or you can opt for the low-maintenance metal platform.

You can buy platform beds almost anywhere. Even some of the biggest retailers stock them regularly. Many online retailers offer them, and you can make your own, too. If you’re handy with tools and wood, you can build a masterpiece. If you want to something basic, you can even make a platform bed frame of wooden planks and prop them up on cinder blocks. Be sure you affix them, though, because you don’t want the planks to fall down in the middle of the night.

With patience, you can find a platform bed for any budget. Whether you buy one, make one, or find one in a dumpster, you’ll be proud to own a new platform bed.