Thursday, 11 July 2013

Going Organic in the Bedroom – Is There Really an Advantage?

Sure, we’ve switched to green cleaners for our floors, counters, bathrooms and dishes.  We look for organic ingredients for our meals.  Maybe we’ve even tried to pay more attention to the clothes we purchase and how they are made and what they are made from.  But organic mattresses?  Do they really offer any advantages?  Well, the answer is a loud “Yes!”

Consider that new products will give off the chemicals from which they are made.  Trace amounts of these chemicals are everywhere, and if our exposure is limited, there is not that much to worry about.  However, we spend a great deal of time in bed.  Some estimates indicate we spend as much as 25% of our life in a bed!  This is not limited exposure – it is recurring and extended exposure every night.

Next, consider that we are putting our body’s largest organ into contact with these chemical residues every night.  Our skin, our largest organ, absorbs chemicals almost like applying a skin cream.  This extended exposure is not healthy, and an organic mattress can be the answer to reducing this dangerous exposure. 

But those concerned about healthier living or those with chemical sensitivities are not the only ones who may benefit from organic mattresses.  Those suffering from allergies often find that when they make the switch to an organic mattress (and often a platform bed in addition to the matress), they experience quick relief.  The platform bed elevates the sleeper from the floor, reducing their exposure to the dust and allergens that can gather in carpeting or other flooring.  But even further, many allergies are triggered by dust mite feces that gather on mattresses and in floors.  Organic mattresses do an excellent job of reducing and in some cases eliminating the effects of dust mites. 

Going green in the bedroom can provide a lot of health benefits.


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