Thursday, 11 July 2013

Should You Go with a Double Divan or a King Size for your Flat?

Upgrading to new flat offers lots of exciting decorating possibilities, and the right divan for your flat is often the first purchase made.  There are many considerations to make when purchasing a divan bed, and many find themselves toggling between a decision on a king size or double divan bed.  Here are some things to consider when making this decision.

First, consider the actual size.  Simply looking at the bed isn’t enough when it comes to knowing whether it will fit in a certain space in your flat.  A double divan bed is
Divan Bed
typically 137 X 190 centimeters.  The King is 198 X 203 centimeters.  A “California King” is 182 X 213 centimeters.  If your bedroom simply won’t allow room for anything other than a double divan bed, that decision is made quickly just by being aware of the size.

Are there advantages or differences to owning these differently sized beds?  There certainly can be.  Two people sleeping in a king size bed have the same amount of personal room as if they were each sleeping in a twin (or single) size bed.  This can be an important consideration for sleep space, especially if one or both people tend to toss or turn during the night.  However, if your flat is accessed through a narrow hallway or your doorways are narrow, a king size bed can be very difficult, if not impossible, to get into the room.  A single person may want to go instead with a double bed.  King size beds may also not be tall enough for the taller people – it would be important to test this out first and determine whether it meets your needs.  Bedding will also be more expensive for a king size divan beds than for a double.  Knowing your budget and your sleep needs, plus your room limitations will ensure you make the best decision!

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