Wednesday, 5 June 2013

What Should I Look for in a Summer Comforter?

Even in the hot months of summer, virtually everyone still sleeps under a comforter. Obviously, they don’t want thick, winter comforters, but they want something to help them feel safe and protected. Summer comforters come in many different colors and types, but the most important factor to consider is thickness, or should we say thinness? Thickness (or thinness) is the main determinant in how much heat will be trapped near your body, but there are other factors that should also be considered when buying a summer comforter.
Material is an important factor. Many summer comforters are made of silk or satin because they don’t trap much heat and are fabrics that are often cool to the touch. (Doesn’t everyone want to sleep in a cooler environment on a hot summer night?) Another good fabric is cotton or linen. These are both very breathable, which means they will allow heat to pass through the fibers. This is exactly what you want in luxury comforters.
Another important factor that many people fail to consider is color. Dark colors absorb heat, while light colors reflect it. Imagine how hot a blacktop basketball court gets in the summer. That’s because of all the heat absorbed by the dark surface. A dark-colored comforter will work in a similar way. No, it won’t get as hot as a blacktop, but it will make you much warmer than a lighter-colored comforter will.
In general, summer comforters will have to be washed more frequently than other comforters. For this reason, comforters should be washable and should not have a lot of detail that could be destroyed in the washing machine. This means anything with beads, sequins and/or lace should be avoided. Instead, opt for simple, flat designs with no extra pieces that can be pulled or ripper off. These will handle the frequent washes well.
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